We sell a variety of traditional handcrafted ceremonial items and wildcrafted bush foods.

Twin Lakes Cultural Park is one of Australia's major producers of Gubinge (Terminalia fernandiana), one of the richest sources of vitamin C known to man.

Bruno Dann lovingly tends a native Gubinge plantation, using traditional fire and land managment techniques, to bring the plant to harvest late in the dry season, around November.

You can purchase vacuum packed and frozen Gubinge, Jilunjin tea and traditional handcrafts from us direct , or order Gubinge powder from our friends at Loving Earth.

For residents in the shire of Broome, you can purchase frozen Gubinge, and hand-crafted ceremonial items direct from us.

Wildcrafted Gubinge Powder is available online from Loving Earth.

Bruno carving clapping sticks
The finished product before painting.