Nyul Nyul – Wildcrafted Bush Foods

All Nyul Nyul bush foods are harvested by local Aboriginal people on traditional Aboriginal lands, north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsular. Bush foods are available on a seasonal basis. Please email us for availability before you order.

“Our old people were professors of our land and harvesting and cultivating the bush was our special field. Country means everything to us. In my traditional country we have bush orchards which have been maintained by my people for thousands of years. We rub dead bark off the trees, clean off their dead wood and remove debris from around their base so they won’t be damaged by fire. It is our way of pruning the trees to show them we care for them and the tree will respond by giving us what they have.

My elders used to talk to trees they would hold onto them and let them feel their heart beating. Rub them down and make them feel special.”

“Talk to trees because they are living things. They give us food and shelter and sometimes we take refuge under them and most times we don’t notice them at all but they always notice us!”

Bruno Dann Nyul Nyul Elder.

Bulk orders for Twin Lakes will be discussed by email twinlakesculturalpark@gmail.com

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